Renovujeme, kdykoliv to jde

Neměňte, když měnit nemusíte.

Spravíme vaše auto

Precizně, rychle, profesionálně.

Brousíme k dokonalosti

Klikové hřídele, moto válce, bloky motorů,…

Náhradní díly dle potřeby

Co se nedá sehnat, vyrobíme.

We will repair

practically anything that the engine has. From construction machinery, a motorcycle to passenger cars.



We grind crankshafts

cylinders, and heads of all types of engines, including the delivery of a complete cutting set.


We are renovating

and bringing life back to veterans and used cars – separate parts and complete service.


We sell spare parts

for cars and commercial vehicles and we can produce those that you will not find anywhere else.


Our grinding mill is here for you

The car is not just a means of transport. He is your reliable helper at work and in everyday life. He is your professional partner, he often becomes the darling of the family. It is your passion.

Therefore, when it comes to service, you want to entrust it to professionals who do their work with the same passion. They will take care of your car with precision, professionalism, and without unnecessary delays.

We know it and we perceive it the same way. And we can proudly say that those who have turned to us in the past already know that. The solution to your problems is our passion. Put your car in your hands and you will see for yourself.

Libor Holátko, owner

We have been experts in servicing and repairing cars since 1990. We focus mainly on repairs of engines for construction, agriculture, trucks, and special industrial machines, but we also service cars, veterans, and motorcycles. Our company continues the family tradition in the field of engineering and car repair. We place the greatest emphasis on precision, speed, and a professional and human approach to you, our customers.

We excel in grinding and balancing crankshafts with a digital balancer, the production of atypical pistons and bearings for internal combustion engines, and also in chrome-plating of motorcycle cylinders. Our specialty is also the renovation of engine parts and their assembly, including veterans.

Our car service is located in a well-accessible location on the outskirts of Moravský Krumlov. Its equipment allows us to manage a wide portfolio of services.

We are happy with every successful problem – and as our customers can confirm, we often have it!

Holátko Libor – auto-moto servis

V domcích 1121
672 01 Moravský Krumlov

telefon: 515 322 398, 515 322 721
mobil: 603 871 061 – Libor Holátko, majitel
email: info (zav.)

IČO: 12750395

Podnikatel je zapsán do živnostenského rejstříku. Úřad příslušný podle §71 odst.2 živnostenského zákona: Městský úřad Moravský Krumlov.

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